Composite Doors in Warrington | More Than Just Doors and Windows

With over 40 years of experience in home improvements, our team has both specialised and expanded its product range. We’re passionate about composite doors, bi-folding doors and uPVC windows, but also give customers in Warrington the choices they deserve. This can mean timber windows or aluminium replacements, or choosing from a diverse range of kitchen units. From double glazing to all-new conservatories, we proudly assist so you can turn your home into a desirable living space.

Have you looked into home improvements only to be put off by spiralling costs and an unfriendly manner? Our team works reliably with homeowners from all over the Warrington area and will be delighted to help to keep costs low through our unique, budget management service.

Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen

Although double glazing, uPVC windows and composite doors provide greater comfort, kitchens remain key to a happy home. Studies show that we visit the kitchen at least 1000 times annually. This number rises if you use your kitchen as a place to dine and chat with friends. As such, it’s worth upgrading an old kitchen that fails to meet your needs.

At D&M Home Improvements, we help clients across Warrington and beyond to realise their ideal kitchens. We help to select the most elegant units, accessories and worktops from the Howdens range – fulfilling our role as expert joiners for a dazzling finish.

Why not pair your new kitchen with uPVC windows, complete with double glazing? We can also inspect your living room to check its suitability for bi-folding doors, and extend our service to customisable composite doors.

Make the Most of Your Conservatory

Homeowners in Warrington and the nearby areas can reap the benefits of extending through a conservatory. D&M Home Improvements will visit your home to give a free quotation, take measurements and discuss your needs in detail.

Some people find that glass and polycarbonate lead to heat loss in winter and overheating in summer. Together with a plastered finish, insulation and roof vents, the Equinox roofing systems we use offer 15 times the efficiency of an ‘untiled’ roof. Colour choices include the likes of burnt umber and moss green.

As specialists in home improvements, we undertake all structural work so you can enjoy this warm roof in your preferred style – safely removing waste materials.

Pay Attention to Your Roof

It might not be as glamourous as uPVC windows, composite doors, new double glazing or bi-folding doors, but the roof plays a vital role in securing the home. If your roof in Warrington suffers from collapsed tiles, blocked gutters or shattered fascia boards, then D&M Home Improvements can restore them.

Many of our customers enjoy rooflights from the Velux brand. These allow you to experience the benefits of a fully tiled roof while making the most of sunny days as light filters from above.

Please speak with us for bi-folding doors, double glazing, uPVC windows and new kitchens, among other services. We can’t wait to help with your project.

Please call 07932 015029 or 01244 340886 to discuss anything from composite doors to a brand-new kitchen. Our accredited team covers the Warrington area.