Modern uPVC Windows in Cheshire, Alderley Edge, Chester and North Wales

Have you noticed a draft in the home? Modern uPVC windows offer an effective solution that could save you money, and stand as the windows of choice for homeowners across Chester, Wirral, Warrington, Alderley Edge, Cheshire and North Wales. With a passion for home improvements, we know the benefits of uPVC windows like few others and are happy to provide advice as well as a free, no-obligation quotation.

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The Advantages of uPVC Windows


You might think that uPVC applies only to windows, but it’s actually been used in pipelines and sewers for over a century. When coupled with the number of homes that boast decades-old uPVC windows, you can begin to understand the strength that comes with this material.

At D&M Home Improvements, we pride ourselves on the toughest uPVC windows around. Our products hold firm in ultraviolet light, as well as the wet weather you often see in areas like Alderley Edge, Wirral and North Wales. For those who enjoy the quiet life, these windows can reduce noise pollution by up to 70%.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike timber windows which need regular treatment and painting, uPVC windows never demand the extra work. This makes them a low-maintenance solution for clients in Chester, Warrington, Wirral and the Cheshire region – with only some warm water, detergent and a cloth necessary for sparkling windows.

Rot and Corrosion

Old timber windows tend to show signs of weathering, falling into a state of disrepair. Not only are uPVC windows resistant to rotting, but the fixtures used in the manufacturing process also never corrode. This means you will only need to replace them after physical damage or if you wish to upgrade at a later date.

Thermal Properties

UPVC windows are non-conductive, and it’s this lack of heat transfer that results in a warmer home overall. With integrated double or triple glazing, uPVC windows offer some of the best R- or U-values in the industry. The lower the U-value, the better it is at keeping your property warm.


Known across Chester, Warrington, Alderley Edge, Cheshire and North Wales to provide the finest home improvements around, we install windows that open in two separate directions. This cross-ventilation keeps homes in Wirral and the nearby areas cooler in summer.

Supreme Security

Unlike old fixtures made from rotting materials, uPVC windows employ multi-locking mechanisms to keep intruders at bay. These locks cover the frame and sash, making the window a perfect choice when security tops your home improvements list.

Fully Recyclable

Few know that you can recycle uPVC between 10 and 12 times during its lifecycle. Instead of heading straight for the nearby Cheshire or North Wales landfill site, old uPVC windows find new life in other projects – allowing you to care for the environment when it’s time for a replacement.

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