UPVC Windows in North Wales | Some of Our Key Products Explained

To many people in North Wales, terms like ‘uPVC windows’ and ‘composite doors’ hold little weight – often sounding more like buzzwords for a new expense. This lack of understanding could lose the homeowner money, especially if they continue to lose heat through poorly fitted windows and doors. Specialising in home improvements, you can rely on us for helpful advice and clear explanations. Our team will put your mind at ease by talking through our key services, including double glazing, bi-folding doors and Equinox roofing systems, to name but a few.

If we pique your interest, please speak with us for an obligation-free quote in North Wales. Our home improvements company answers questions with a positive outlook and will work to assist in any way possible.

Why Should You Care About Composite Doors?

If it’s been many years since you last replaced your front or rear door, then you probably don’t have the safest options on the market. Unlike older entryways, composite doors feature a timber core with high-density foam for insulation. A glass-reinforced plastic skin covers the door itself, often with a woodgrain effect for rustic charm. That said, you can choose the style and colour of your door to best match the rest of the home.

Composite doors protect against warping, include smash-resistant glass that stays in the frame on impact, and feature locks that runs along the frame for unique protection. The added cosiness makes composite doors sought-after in the North Wales area, where the weather can change sporadically.

Aside from composite, we also provide a range of bi-folding doors, double glazing, secondary glazing, and even full conservatory builds. Just let us know your needs so we can begin the home improvements, or ask about our budget management service.

What’s Great About uPVC Windows?

Short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, uPVC is the ideal choice for window frames and comes recommended by the biggest double glazing companies. Advantages include:

• Value for money – uPVC is the most cost-effective material on the market
• Low maintenance – It never rots, flakes, rusts or fades. Just wipe with a damp cloth
• Security – It’s hardy and lasting, making it tough to damage or break
• Durability – Strong and resilient, uPVC very rarely needs changing
• Insulation – uPVC windows provide the best heat and insulation available

If you live in North Wales and like to protect the environment, it’s worth noting that uPVC windows are easy to recycle when the time comes. This means it can find new life in other home improvements projects, instead of heading for the nearest landfill site.

What Makes Bi-Folding Doors Special?

Bi-folding doors now stand as a popular alternative to French windows. These agile doors with double glazing blend high performance with good looks, delivering a wealth of benefits to your North Wales home. Bi-folds open fully to grant better access to the outside world, proving useful for families with kids, the elderly and wheelchair users.

When closed, bi-folding doors function much like standard entryways, but with full height and width for a brighter lifestyle.

For anything from bi-folding doors to composite doors, and from uPVC windows with double glazing to fully realised kitchens, choose D&M Home Improvements. We bring more than 40 years of experience to projects in the North Wales region.

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