Home Improvements in Alderley Edge | Preparing for Composite Doors and Double Glazing

Based in Chester, D&M Home Improvements provides a quality service to customers in the nearby area of Alderley Edge. We are reputable installers of uPVC windows with double glazing, so we know that our services do more to improve homes than many of those offered by competitors. Because we also fit composite doors and bi-folding doors, our Alderley Edge customers can trust us to deliver the specialised home improvements they need.

On this page, we help you to prepare for the fitting of uPVC windows, bi-folding doors and composite doors. When the D&M Home Improvements team arrives to work at your Alderley Edge home, we guarantee a first-class installation service undertaken with care, respect and professionalism. We also make sure to minimise disruption to your daily routine and lifestyle.

Double Glazing and Door Installations

D&M Home Improvements often fits uPVC windows, but we also supply double glazing casement windows with hardwood, softwood or aluminium frames if you need them. We recommend uPVC windows ahead of other materials because they offer our Alderley Edge customers a durable and stylish finish with few maintenance needs – a unique benefit in itself that saves you time and money.

When it comes to doors, particularly for the front and rear entry points, we recommend composite doors should your budget allow for them. For those with a little less to spend, we also supply and fit doors manufactured from uPVC. Alderley Edge properties with access points to a patio area or a garden benefit the most from bi-folding doors that save space.

To help us ahead of installation, please keep the following in mind:

1. Parking Space

D&M Home Improvements arrives at the site in vans carrying the uPVC windows, composite doors or bi-folding doors ordered by the customer. If you have a driveway or a street parking space, please make this available to us on arrival. This helps our installers to transport products, tools and consumables to the point of work easily and minimises the risk of damage to your Alderley Edge property or other vehicles parked on the roadside.

2. Clear the Working Area

Wherever possible, please clear the working area of personal belongings ahead of our arrival. Our tradesmen need space to remove old single or double glazing, and to perform your new installation. Having to remove belongings ourselves slows down our day, and if we do happen to damage something you own while working, it doesn’t get the project off to the best possible start. Leave us plenty of room to work around your Alderley Edge home.

3. Moving Furniture

Because the D&M Home Improvements team has to work inside and outside of your Alderley Edge property when fitting uPVC windows and composite doors, try to move nearby furniture to another room. In the case of bi-folding doors, where your furniture will most likely be in the largest room available already, move everything as far away from where we need to work as possible and we’ll use our own dust covers for protection.

4. Floor Protection

Lift rugs and other removable flooring, and store in a part of your Alderley Edge home where dust and debris won’t contaminate things. We’ll use dust covers on permanent carpets and hardwood flooring before installing double glazing, composite doors or bi-folding doors, and will do our best to be as clean and as tidy as possible when working.

5. Communication

Once we’ve arrived and started an installation, we advise customers in the Alderley Edge area to maintain communication with our tradesmen at all times. Swapping older timber doors for composite doors is relatively straightforward, but uPVC windows with double glazing and bi-folding doors take much longer to fit. Work in harmony with the team from D&M Home Improvements from the outset, and let us know if you have special requirements at certain times where you could do with a little less noise and activity.

We’ll always do our absolute best to accommodate your requests.

Call 07932 015029 or 01244 340886 to discuss uPVC windows, bi-folding doors and other home improvements to your Alderley Edge home.